☆ We produce and sell Pencils at wholesaler prices.

Pencil Making Machine

Pencils produced here are made by latest technology machines and you can buy any type of pencil in wholesale price from our company, which will prove to be very beneficial for your business. Here you will directly pay to the company and not the retailer. So you will get quality at reasonable price.

Note:- We are also the distributor of Pencil making machine.

☆ We produce and sell Pen at wholesaler prices.

Pen Making Machine

In addition to our best pencils, pens are also produced with the help of latest machine, so that you can get both the products for your business from us at a better price margin without any problem and ensuring best and satisfying quality.

Note:- We are also the distributor of Pen making machine.

☆ We sell latest technology Incense sticks making machines.

Incense Sticks Product

We are also distributor of incense sticks producing machines and that too on very reasonable price. Ensuring best quality of pens and pencils,we also provide best technology incense sticks machines.

The aim of our company is not to earn money, but to instill confidence in the heart of our clients and providing best and satisfying quality products at a price that no one else can give. BEST PRODUCTS at AFFORDABLE price. The Reason is:
1. We do not have to spend much in the transportation of the product to the client.
2. We get laborers from nearby areas for the production unit.